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Leading public health bodies call for levy on sugary drinks

11 May 2022: The 20 leading public health bodies behind Rethink Sugary Drink are urging the next Federal Government to prioritise a levy on sugary drinks to address Australia's growing obesity crisis.

AMA joins Rethink Sugary Drink partnership

25 March 2022: The AMA has joined the Rethink Sugary Drink alliance – a partnership between 19 other health and community organisations who all share the united goal of reducing the consumption of sugary drinks in Australia.

Sweet nothings: heavily promoted frozen drinks contain up to 49 teaspoons of sugar

4 February 2022: The 19 leading public health bodies behind Rethink Sugary Drink are urging Australians to be aware of alluring marketing for frozen drinks this summer, with a new review showing some of these beverages contain more than a week’s worth of recommended sugar intake, with up to 49 teaspoons of sugar per serve.

Full of crap: New campaign crushes young men's glorified perception of sugary drinks

8 February 2021: A counter-campaign hijacking sugary drinks companies' manipulative marketing and advertising tactics has hit digital platforms across Australia, urging young people to rethink their sugary drink consumption.

Hard hitting campaign exposes the damaging effects of sugary drinks

18 February 2020: You wouldn’t eat 16 teaspoons of sugar, so why drink it? That’s the thought-provoking question asked in a new campaign delivering a sinister insight into how your family could look in the future – from your sister’s rotting teeth to your father’s unhealthy weight and your mother’s type 2 diabetes.

Wake up call: Aussie teens losing out on a good night's sleep thanks to energy drinks

4 December 2019: Energy drinks are contributing to poor sleep among Aussie teens, with new research showing those who drank these highly caffeinated drinks at least once a week were twice as likely to get less than eight hours sleep on a usual school night than those who didn't.

You can run but you can't hide: Aussie students learn of health costs that come with a sugary drink addiction

29 November 2019: A thought-provoking video showing how much exercise you would need to do to burn off a sugary drink habit has been voted the most effective anti-sugary drink campaign in the annual Rethink Sugary Drink Critics' Choice initiative.

Museums Victoria makes sugary drinks history

08 November 2019: The 19 leading health and community organisations behind Rethink Sugary Drink have applauded Museum Victoria’s announcement to phase out sugary drinks from its venues by the end of the year.

Queensland's removal of sugary drinks from hospitals just what the doctor ordered

21 July 2019: With Queensland removing sugary drinks from its hospitals and health services from today, the 19 leading health and community organisations behind Rethink Sugary Drink have applauded the Queensland State Government’s commitment to putting health before profits.

Aren’t our school kids sweet enough?

20 June 2019: Critics' Choice initiative keeps students alert to the health effects of sugary drinks