Rethink Sugary Drink is an alliance between 21 leading health and community organisations, committed to tackling the over-consumption of sugary drinks in Australia. 

By raising awareness of the amount of sugar in soft drink, energy drinks, sports drinks and other sugary drinks, we're hoping to encourage Australians to rethink their sugary drink consumption and make the switch to water or reduced-fat milk. 

Why are we concerned about the amount of sugar in soft drinks and sugary drink over consumption?

Because the consumption of sugary drinks is associated with excess weight gain. It is well established that being above a healthy weight is a leading risk factor for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and 13 types of cancer. Sugary drink consumption is also linked to an array of oral health issues, including cavities and tooth erosion.

Despite these well-documented risks, sugary drinks are widely consumed in Australia, with young males the highest consumers.

Our partners 

Rethink Sugary Drink partner organisations (Apunipima, ADOHTA, Australian Dental Association, Australian Medical Association, Cancer Council, Dental Health Services Victoria, Dental Hygenists Association of Australia, Diabetes Australia, Healthier Workplace WA, Heart Foundation, Kidney Health Australia, LiveLighter, Obesity Policy Coalition, Parents Voice, PHAA, VACCHO, YMCA), Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons