Sugary Drink Can

You wouldn’t eat 16 teaspoons of sugar, so why drink it?

Sugary drinks are addictive and Aussie teens are hooked on them, with one in six downing at least 5.2 kilograms of sugar each year from sugary drinks alone.

Many would find the idea of eating 16 teaspoons of sugar sickening, but this is exactly how much sugar is consumed from just one 600ml bottle of soft drink.

We need to restrict the availability of sugary drinks in sports facilities, schools and other places where young people spend their time.

Cola has up to  16 tsp sugar, iced coffee up to 14 tsp sugar, energy drinks up to 21 tsp sugar. Water has zero sugar. Ditch sugar. Drink water.


Rethink Sugary Drink partner organisations (Apunipuma, ADOHTA, Australian Dental Association, Cancer Council, Dental Health Services Victoria, Dental Hygenists Association of Australia, Diabetes Australia, Healthier Workplace WA, Heart Foundation, Kidney Health Australia, LiveLighter, Obesity Policy Coalition, Parents Voice, PHAA, VACCHO, YMCA), Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons