Sugary Drink Can

Frozen drink lover? You won’t be sucked in by them after reading this

Frozen drinks may seem like a cheap and fun way to cool down on a scorching day. But we looked beyond the price tag and found they’re packed with added sugar!

In fact, many frozen drinks contain around 30 teaspoons of sugar, while the worst offenders  have up to 50 teaspoons!

The World Health Organization recommends we limit our added sugar intake to 6 teaspoons a day, so it’s alarming to realise that one slushee contains around 5 times this – the mega sizes are even worse.

A new hard-hitting campaign, Thirsty, delivered by Rethink Sugary Drink, exposes the serious damage regular sugary drink consumption does to your teeth. But these drinks don’t just ruin your teeth. In the long run the high level of sugar they contain can also increase our risk of weight gain and can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

While clever marketing makes frozen drinks seem like a fun, cheap way to cool down, they aren’t worth losing your teeth over. Here are our tips that will help you cool down on a hot day without the sugar: 

1. Keep well hydrated with water: Before reaching for a sugary drink, make sure you’re well hydrated with cool iced water. It can be easy to confuse thirst for hunger.

2. Reach for sparkling water instead of a sugary drink: Think you’re just restricted to tap water? Think again. Change it up by trying different types of water like spring, mineral or flavoured water.

3. Run water over your wrists or use a cold towel: Run water over your wrists or wrap a cool wet towel around your neck.

4. Make your own drinks: Try LiveLighter’s refreshing drinks that aren’t packed with sugar. Cucumber or mint are perfect options for a hot afternoon. 

5. Make your own frozen treats: We have plenty of recipes for inspiration including frozen berry sorbet and strawberry kiwi icy treats

6. Go for a swim: Ocean, pool, river or lake – or even a kiddie paddling pool – will all do the trick. If there isn’t a swimming spot nearby try a cool shower or bath.

7. Spritz yourself with water: Use a spray bottle of water to cool down your face and arms – keep it in the fridge for added chill factor.

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