Welcome to the Rethink Sugary Drink Critics' Choice

Critics' Choice is a school initiative coordinated by Rethink Sugary Drink, a partnership between 19 health and community organisations. The initiative uses a creative approach to encourage Australian students to rethink their consumption of sugary drinks. Critics’ Choice involves:

  • 11 international advertisements that highlight the health impacts of consuming sugary drinks
  • a free teacher resource about issues surrounding sugary drinks, which aligns with the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education (years 5–10)
  • information and facts about sugary drink consumption and ways students can reduce their intake.

Students have the opportunity to vote on their favourite advertisements and go into the draw to win one of three $500 sporting equipment vouchers for their school. Remember, the more students who vote, the greater chance your school has of winning.

Entries to the 2019 Critics' Choice have now closed. Winners will be announced soon.


  • Step 1

    Watch the above show reel of 11 advertisements on the health impacts associated with regular sugary drink consumption. Students then have the opportunity to be a critic by voting for the advertisement they think is most effective at encouraging people to reduce their sugary drink intake.

  • Step 2

    Teachers are encouraged to engage students in discussion about the health implications associated with sugary drinks and complete activities from the teacher resource. The resource is aimed at upper primary and secondary students. It is up to the teacher to decide which activities are suitable for their students.

  • Step 3

    Students submit their vote and go into the draw to win one of three $500 sporting equipment vouchers for your school. Vote now.

Note: It is recommended that teachers view the advertisements prior to use with students to determine suitability. It is also recommended that teachers familiarise themselves with school procedures for managing students who may become upset during the lesson.



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