Case studies

Map of Victoria indicating locations of organisations acting to reduce purchase of sugary drinks in food service retail

Map data above provided by Tara Boelsen-Robinson and Anna Peeters, GLOBAL Obesity Centre, Deakin University

Title Description Owner Date
NSW Health Services Policy NSW will be the first state in Australia to remove sugary drinks from health facilities when it launches a healthy food and drink policy NSW Health June 2017
Bendigo Health removes sugary drink from sale at hospital   Bendigo Health has removed sugary drinks from sale in onsite retail outlets and vending machines and placed posters around the hospital promoting healthy food and drink choices Bendigo Health October 2017
Westmead Hospital At Westmead Hospital in Western Sydney, sugary drinks are not available for sale across the campus. Western Sydney Local Health District March 2017
Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) In 2016 MLHD was the first Health District in NSW to take steps to reduce the sale of sugar-sweetened drink. In March 2017 a video to explain the decision to go 'sugary drink free' was launched.  Murrumbidgee Local Health District March 2017
Melbourne City (North Melbourne Rec Centre) In 2010 the City of Melbourne's Green Light Eat Right program was implemented at a seasonal cafe at the North Melbourne Recreation Centre. Over the next four years the availability of 'red' items were reduced, and then all 'red' items were removed in 2014 as part of a 'No Red' trial. Following success of this trial, ongoing changes were implemented over the 2015/16 season. City of Melbourne January 2017

Alfred Health: Food for Thought, Encouraging Healthy Choices


Healthy drinks trials in retail settings at Alfred Health 

Alfred Health is proud to be reducing consumption of sugar sweetened drinks through a series of behavioural insights trials.

In partnership with our key retailers, we tested whether relatively small changes in the placement and price of beverages would impact consumer choice and retail profit.

By taking sugar sweetened beverages off display in two cafes, and adding 20% to the price of sugar sweetened beverages in a convenience store and in vending machines, Alfred Health helped shift buyer behaviour.

In all four of the trials, consumers kept buying drinks; there was no significant difference in total drink sales.  Promisingly however, people shifted away from sugar sweetened beverages and towards healthier choices.

This translates to around 36,500 fewer sugar sweetened beverages sold at The Alfred each year.

Alfred Health August 2017
Western District Health Services  All 13 Western District Health Services in Victoria have introduced a ban on sugary drinks Western District Health Services May 2016
Going soft drink free in YMCA acquatic and recreation centres

In 2014, YMCA Victoria announced a Healthy Food and Beverage Policy to be implemented over 2015–2017, across the organisation in kiosks, cafes and catering services attached to 70 aquatic and recreation centres. As part of this policy, YMCA initiated a ‘Soft Drink Free Summer’ campaign, which aimed to phase out regular soft drinks from all centres by December 2015.

YMCA November 2016
Lara Pool kiosk provides healthier food and drinks Find out how the Lara Pool Kiosk developed a healthier kiosk menu, displayed consistent health promoting messages around the centre and supported their staff to make the changes. Healthy Eating Advisory Service 2015
Schools tap into water Schools in Victoria’s South-West are replacing sweetened drinks with tap water to promote the importance of drinking water instead of sweet drinks. South West Victoria Healthy Kids June 2016
Sugary drinks dropped from leisure centres Auckland Council are becoming leaders in removing sugary drinks from leisure centres. As part of the Healthy Families NZ initiative, the Council will be eliminating 340 kilograms of refined sugar from its vending machine sales each year. Auckland Council July 2016