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Calls for public education campaign to challenge soft drink giants' teen marketing binge

25 March 2015: New figures from Roy Morgan Research have highlighted the growing younger market for soft drink with more 14-25 year olds consuming the sugar-laden drinks and in greater volumes over the past year.

Cheap deal on a frozen drink? It could cost your health

5 February 2015: Price promotions on sugary, frozen drinks are putting children's health on the line, seducing them to buy drinks containing up to 25 teaspoons of sugar on hot summer days.

New video challenges Victorian Aboriginal community members to 'rethink' their soft drink consumption

22 January 2015: An innovative video has been launched to address the serious issue of sugary drink consumption within Victorian Aboriginal communities.

Leading health experts applaud US for tax on soft drinks

8 November 2014: The coalition of health organisations behind the Rethink Sugary Drink campaign has congratulated Berkeley for becoming the first US city to approve a tax on sugary drinks, suggesting Australia should also investigate a similar tactic.

Victoria's sweet toothache: 12% of Victorians gulping soft drink every day

13 June 2014: The coalition of health organisations behind the Rethink Sugary Drink campaign is encouraging Victorians to cut down on soft drink, following the release of new figures revealing that 12% of Victorian adults drink soft drink every day, contributing to significant levels of tooth decay and erosion.

Super sugar shockers: Summer frozen drinks contain up to 30 teaspoons of sugar

28 January 2014: While Australians look for ways to keep cool this summer, many fast food chains are cashing in by promoting seductively cheap frozen drinks that in many cases contain surprisingly large amounts of added sugar.

Health groups throw down challenge to Coca Cola

11 September 2013: Peak health and community organisations have written today to senior leaders in Coca-Cola's Australian and New Zealand operations calling for the company to stop weight-washing the issue of obesity with expensive advertising, and instead take practical steps to address the core drivers of weight gain.

Time to rethink sugary drinks

17 January 2013: Leading health organisations release recommendations to tackle soft drink overconsumption.