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Australians' love affair with sugary drinks rots the smiles of children as young as five

20 March 2019: Leading health bodies call for people to rethink sugary drink this World Oral Health Day

The tooth hurts: New campaign reveals thirsty young Aussies are sipping themselves towards horror smiles

22 January 2019: A hard-hitting campaign launched today showing gritty and graphic images will expose the serious damage regular sugary drink consumption does to teeth.

Coca-Cola urged to slam the brakes on its Christmas truck

12 December 2018: The 19 leading health and community organisations behind Rethink Sugary Drink are calling on Coca Cola to put an end to its Christmas truck tour; a shameless ploy to leverage Christmas joy for the purpose of marketing their sugary drinks to children and families putting profits above Australians’ health.

Graphic sugary drinks ad hits home health messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: new research

20 November 2018: A graphic ad depicting members of the Aboriginal community consuming pure sugar and a young girl with rotten teeth has been shown to be effective in encouraging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to reduce their intake of sugary drinks, prompting calls from health experts for more public education campaigns.

Calling all sports clubs: $500 worth of sporting equipment up for grabs

19 November 2018: Best and Fairest competition to tackle sugary drinks extended to clubs across Australia

New ‘Best and Fairest’ competition aims to give sugary drinks the boot

3 September 2018: Victorian sports organisations are invited to enter the Rethink Sugary Drink Best and Fairest competition for thriving organisations to celebrate their healthy efforts in cutting back on sugary drinks.

Kung-fu fighters expose hidden sugar to Australian students

13 August 2018: A Singaporean TV advertisement depicting Kung-fu fighters uncovering the not-so-sweet side of sugary drinks has been voted the most effective anti-sugary drink campaign in this year’s Rethink Sugary Drink Critics’ Choice program.

Leading health groups congratulate QLD Government for tackling sugary drinks in hospitals, health centres

3 August 2018: The 19 leading health and community organisations behind Rethink Sugary Drink have applauded the Queensland State Government’s announcement to limit sugary drinks and junk food in government owned hospitals and health care facilities by the end of the year.

Leading health groups call for genuine reformulation, not a sales pitch

25 June 2018: The 18 leading health and community organisations behind Rethink Sugary Drink have noted with interest the pledge by Australia’s non-alcoholic drinks companies to cut sugar across the industry by one-fifth, but would prefer to see more genuine reformulation efforts.

New Aboriginal campaign shows cutting out sugary drinks improves health

7 March 2018: An inspiring new television campaign featuring Victorian Aboriginal community members, sharing how cutting back on sugary drinks has helped their health and wellbeing, will launch today.